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This carrd is to give information about the label Ngasian

basic info
Meaning + Flag

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Basic Info

What is Ngasian??

Ngasian is term exclusively for black mlm/nblm who identity with xenogenders

Who made the term and flag?

On September 1st 2021 a user named TjTheCreator69 made the term and flag

Why was the term made?

The term was made for black mlm/nblm with xenogenders who want their own space due to anti blackness and xenophobia within the both the lgbt and the mlm community spaces


Meanings + Flag

The term Ngasian was named after the African god Ngai Supreme God of Maasai, the Creator and Giver of all things

Here is the meanings on the flag!



”Im (blank xenogender) can I use this term?”

Of course! This term isn’t limit any black personal with any xenogender(s) can use this term!

”I’m not black/Im a POC am I allowed to this term?”

Obviously not this is made for and only black people if you have a problem with that fact then you can make your own flag

”I’m mixed can I use the term”

As long as you are black you can use the term

”Can I use the other black mlm terms while using this one?”

Of course!!

”Can I use this term on my black ocs?”

As long as you’re black yourself it’s completely fine!

If you have anyway more questions about this term ask here